Sunday, March 25, 2007

See You In The Morning

See You in the Morning

I nursed you when you were oh so small and
fighting for your life at birth. I tried so
hard to give you every drop of nourishment
from my bosom while I wait with fear and
prayers that you would survive yet another day.

Now I cry over your lifeless body, once
again you are fighting for your life. I
cry. I pray. I am weak and helpless. WHY
loud. I touch the bandages around your
head, while voices from the hallway whisper
saying "She can not be alone with her son."

I hold and rock you until your last breath
and visioned you walking hand in hand with
God to heaven completely healed. Good night
sweet Joshua, See you in the morning.

My Best Friend

My Best Friend

My best friend is the best thing in my life.
He is always full of energy;
and always has a smile,
even when things get tough.

My best friend is shorter than me
But size does not matter with a true friend;
Its how your friend treats you when you need them;
Not how tall or short they are, or how much they weigh.

My best friend is my protector.
My best friend is a saint.
My best friend sings songs to Jesus,
Loudly and often out of key.

I know you want to know;
Who this great friend could be.
His name is Kenny and he is only 7;
But he is my best friend in the world.
He is my glorious SON!

The Chipmunk

The Chipmunk

I sit here yet another day at my desk,
Wondering what I will write about today.
As I look out my window,
Onto 'the calm after the storm',
I see my friend 'The Chipmunk',
Sitting on the fence.

The bowl of seeds
That I placed for him and his friends
Is now just a bowl of flooded little seeds.

Some days I will use any excuse,
To get up from my desk.
Today's excuse is a good one though,
Or at least I think it is,
My friend 'The Chipmunk'
Is all out of his seeds.